Comprehensive Investment Forum

Dubai is the heart of the economy not only Arab but international and witnessed by the world as a safe state that provides a strong climate for investment inside or outside the UAE and is based on the highest means of technology, which made it in a race against time and the world talks about it as a planet and not a state and come with everything new The pioneers of investment in the world now their first destination Dubai, including the starting point of being supportive and support and therefore the idea of ​​the forum, which allows you to visit Dubai in the year and exchange of business and investment as well as ideas and comes Forum investment offer to attendance is a gain and profitable for all attendees and study-based s We retain its details


Expansion and external relations and building relationships and agents at the international level help in the growth and expansion of all investment activities and international cooperation and collective participation benefit the public and help troubled companies and companies seeking international expansion

the message

The convergence between business owners and commercial, industrial, real estate and investment companies in one place supports each counterpart in the field of investment and supports the management of the forum owners of ideas accompanied by complete studies in any field of investment, especially unique or innovative full care

Who we are targeting

We target businessmen, owners of companies, investors and researchers for new investment and holders of ideas in all fields from inside and outside the state to discuss the idea of ​​the forum and exchange of business and offering investment opportunities inside or outside the country through bilateral and group meetings between each investor and counterpart in the same field a systematic schedule by the Department The Forum

The meeting axes

• Plan and the initial idea of ​​the project based on the Forum

• Discussing the project of the Forum with a future vision in continuous development and semi-permanent work

• Presentation of government benefits and facilities provided by the State to investors to encourage investment along with the services provided by the management of the Forum “and the active participation of banks and finance companies to support new projects based on effective study

• How to start your investment in the UAE with the simplest possibilities in all industrial, real estate, tourism and commercial fields and the effective participation of financial consulting companies and economic feasibility studies to support the participants.

• The role of women working or looking for investment and discuss and put forward opportunities that are commensurate with them and with the community

• Supporting emerging and small institutions and their importance

• Present the investment opportunities available in the Arab countries through the participants and how to work to implement them and put them forward

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